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The German Packaging Institute (dvi) unites members of the packaging industry from all levels of the value chain. As an industry and material-spanning meeting point, the dvi is in direct contact with politicians, industry, companies and experts.

In the complex, multifaceted world of the packaging industry, it is increasingly difficult for the individual to keep up to date with all the latest guidelines and developments themselves. The dvi undertakes this task. It collects, processes and passes on important information, creates access to all segments of the packaging industry, provides network members with important insights while driving innovation forwards.

The dvi provides the industry with an important impetus with its various initiatives, the German Packaging Award, the Packaging Academy, the German Packaging Congress, the Dresden Packaging Conference and PackVision. More than 160 member companies and hundreds of other market operators benefit from dvi activities.

Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e. V. (German Packaging Institute)
Kunzendorfstr. 19 | D-14165 Berlin
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